Sending Money to Zimbabwe

By admin, established 2004 seems to be one of the easiest and most affordable services to send money back to Zimbabwe. The fresh company was established by Zimbabweans living in the UK who were looking for an innovative and simple way to transfer money to Zimbabwe.  Cash collection is immediately available at local bank branches, as vouchers are sent by SMS– connecting Africa in the most inclusive way.

These guys have also mastered the ease of money transfer to Zimbabwe by making it as simple as possible to send money home. Unlike the “cornershop model” of bigger businesses, where each time you want to send money back you have to start from scratch, Mukuru welcomes you into their secure system to allow repeat transactions occur seamlessly. has also proven to be a respected trailblazer in the remitting of goods and services, such as offering the option to send fuel, groceries, or even pay DsTV bills for friends and family members back home. Mukuru seems to have gone where very few money transfer companies are willing to go; when sending money to Zim, best to put faith in those who know.