Currency in Zimbabwe

By admin

Since Zimbabwe liberalised it’s hold on the local currency you can now buy goods and services in Rand Cash (ZAR) as well as US Dollars (USD).  Statistics show more ZAR is used in Matabeleland, closer to the South African border, in cities like Bulawayo. USD Cash is more prevalent in Mashonaland and surrounding areas, for example the city of Harare.

When transferring money to Zimbabwe it is best to know which currency is most appropriate for cash pick up or bank deposit for your family or friends. Make sure your  money transfer is as efficient as possible. In addition to speaking with those back home, following the Zimbabwe news to track economic changes may help make sending money home easier. In particular, inflation in Zimbabwe is tracked daily on various news sources, so make sure you’re getting the best rates possible. In some cases it may be preferable to send fuel or groceries to Zimbabwe to ensure your remittance is effective.  As it turns out, some companies allow customers to pay bills directly or top-up unit trust accounts.