It is that easy to receive money from South Africa and UK in Zimbabwe via Telecash, Ecocash and TextCashCad through

Just a quick review on how your recipient can receive money sent to them via The most popular way known by many is cash collection at any of our payout points which are: CABS, CBZ, STANBIC BANK, OK STORES, ABC BANK, MBCA, SEND MONEY HOME OFFICES AND SIMUKAI.

We have initiated a Taxt-a-Cash card which you can send money to and funds will be loaded on the card making it convenient for the recipient to do withdrawals at any ZimSwitch ATMs nationwide. Recipients can also do withdrawals on public holiday and weekends without waiting for the Banks to open, do shopping with their card, and make deposits as well. Card holders also have the privilege of making transfers to another Text-a-Cash card holder.

Mukuru has partnered with to send money to recipient who are registered with EcoCash making it much more convenient for recipient in remote areas who were to travel to towns to collect money sent to them. Just make sure that your recipient is registered at ecocash. We are frantically making efforts to reach out to many recipients who are disadvantaged by not having access to banking institutes in the areas they stay hence we have partnered with TeleCash to improve ways of receiving money. All that is needed is to ask your recipient if they a Telecel subscriber, get the recipients mobile number, create an order, pay for your order, recipient receives money, happy… sorted!