Poetry Lives

Posted: 18th November 2014 by admin in Remittance methods

Much like any other kind of Art, Poems alleviate ones thought into art of  an inner thoughts. It is beautiful in mind when you discern what the artist is portraying.

In my mind dwells thoughts of different aspects of daily activities, witnessed mostly.

I call this peace TOWN

What doesn’t kills you make you weak, yes it’s true.
Strength is guaranteed after a while,emotion will cycle around your thoughts.
In motion, an imagination of real illusions, it’s a decision to make.
The division between the real and insanity, the city life will drive your confusion to stalemate.

A mate once told me procrastination is the thief of time,
in belief I struggle to mention his utterance, kinda hogwash.
I wash my face, make the water mingle with my tears..
The confusions that dwells in their souls,
leading others astray but I strive to stay untouched, I wish if I can change.

Lamenting about mistakes for the sake to seek empathy.
With sympathy of the past, I cuddle with fear, it brings no joy.
Many will tell you to be strong, killing oneself from the inner core feeling, still I feel weak