Effect of Social networking on Human beings.

Posted: 20th November 2014 by admin in Remittance methods

I applaud great minds behind  the invention of  virtual community/social hubs, social networks or what ever name they give it. It has brought displaced families, friends and strangers to interact in such a way we would have been doing in a physically world. Many are happy about the new trend of communicating yet forgetting how its affecting our daily life.

The most irritating thing is phubbing, how i hate it. A conversation should be a two way communication, but now you get it in three way with the other person being invisible and only to realise that you are talking to yourself. Be convivial to that person, you will earn respect and they will like you because they feel your presence.

That moment when someone from Venus invites you on Facebook, the most used social network, and you wonder what the heck does an allien want. The next thing is they will start to flood your inbox with messages telling you how her rich dad passed on and now she can’t access some trillion dollars left for her and she need your bla bla bla… waste of time and some have fallen victims to these aliens.

People tell a bunch of lies every second on their social networks: Name: Rick Ross (original name;  Peter Mwaikijahoowanu, Current City: New York, yet you in Abuja and it goes on. I just wish if the search engine can be like dude you are lying, please provide correct details.

There is a comfort zone that humans get on chatting all day and tend to forget that there is a real world to face after chatting.

The bottom line In many cases is clear that social media has become not only part of people’s lives but the thing their life revolves around.

Good or bad effects of social media are based upon the discipline of its users; ergo and discipline.

Should we say it is a good thing to let the tender age get flawed by social networks?