As i was growing up, lets skip  the part of being a baby, starting from grade one…this is what my first teacher asked me “what’s your ambition?”, i didn’t even know the meaning of  the word  till she decode it. I wanted to be a pilot because others were saying so, who knew if i was going to be one and it just sounded cool to say so….very ambitious.

When i went to secondary school i realized that dreams are doomed, i couldn’t even remember that i wanted to fly an aeroplane. All that we were taught was to pass, go to university, get a degree and live a better life. Screw that..! now that am a university student studying IT, which wasn’t even on my priority list when i left high school, i have thoughts of what they didn’t teach us at school.

I have realized a lot of things that are not taught at schools and will never be, may be. They will never teach kids how to make money. May be it’s because the forces of the world(poverty) leaves us with no option than to study and study to avail a better life. If we are to teach our children the basics of running a successful businesses, which beings with passion, we are all at a better start of living life rather than existing in life as a being who lives to work for money.

If our government is to introduce Entrepreneurship as a pre-requisite subject at  high school, we may experience a sharp decline on the level of unemployment. Most school leavers have great ideas of making millions of dollars but the lack of basic knowledge on how to run  daily activities of a business is the biggest challenge. Lets say your child loves to do art, that’s his/her passion, as a parent or  teacher we should encourage them to work towards their passion and make them develop more skills and give them entrepreneurship skills which they will use after leaving school rather than to tell Susan that she must do maths yet she’s good at Fashion. Why not giving your focus at what she loves.

Most kids at schools are taught stuff  they will never use in real life, only 5% taught  is being applied in real life. Being an Entrepreneur in my simple term is doing  something  you love to do the most. We are not all going to own businesses (some will be Scientist, Inventors, Developers etc) but the basic knowledge of entrepreneurship will help to reduce unemployment to some extend. In my utmost belief, kids should have the right to know how to make money.
Most people will say subject like Commerce, Accounting and Maths will give you basics knowledge of doing things, its shrewd though but to what extend is it benefiting the young generation leaving high school. Not all kids will have the privilege to go to university but at least enlighten them on what the worlds holds, which are business activities that don’t need maths will be a gate way to some new ideas in living.