Technology has brought forth a lot of opportunities for people living abroad in terms of communications through virtual communities.  Way back in time it use to take days for a recipient to finally put that smiley face after a strenuous period of waiting in vain for the more has become one of the centre point for transferring money from the  UK to Zimbabwe, and South Africa to Zimbabwe as well. With the advancement of technology in the world, is offering cutting egde ways of send money to your loved ones in Zimbabwe which can be done at the comfort zone of your home through its Web site , offering  much more convenient and secure way to transfer money from the United Kingdom. Alternatively clients can dial +44 (0)20 7183 0052  to speak to a call centre consultant.

Recipient in Zimbabwe can collect their funds at  a convenient payout point  close to where they are residing which are: CABS, CBZ, STANBIC BANK, OK STORES, ABC BANK, MBCA, SEND MONEY HOME OFFICES AND SIMUKAI .  Clients in UK can only send USD to a recipient which can be collect at any of the above payout point, alternatively if the recipient has a  TextaCashCard they can use it at any ZimSwitch ATM, or swipe in stores for purchasing goods. They are only two option for recipients to receive money from South Africa which are  USD or ZAR offers a free USSD option for clients to create their own orders by dialling *1320*567# , or for much more enjoyable experience you can download Mukuru application which gives you more freedom to chat with your loved ones all over the world. Forgot your phone at the office? no need to worry :) visit our Mukuru mobi site to place an order .  The above three self service option are available for clients in South Africa only, and UK clients can visit to place an order and  more.

Recipients will receive an SMS instantly after you pay for the order. Now that’s the best way to receive money, be it emergency or to buy a cool drink. This quickest way of receiving money has been enabled by technology, a salutation to for pioneering such service to people who want to receive money in Zimbabwe