Good Morals

Posted: 12th November 2014 by admin in Remittance methods

“Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law.”

To be honest i just can’t find a good excuse of not being happy while i’m living, the gift of life has been a great blessing ever. Who cares if you are not happy…. Our morals are the key principle to happiness. Morals tend to be ethical values that we built on our own as we grow up, but not forgetting that morals start at home.

Live a little and learn to listen to others but don’t just take what they tell you, always value their opinion, and remember that people will always want you to be who they want you to be hence you are living you own life. A list of non ending morals makes you who you are and just a brief about common ones that most people ignore are:

  • Life is funny, if not hilarious. No one cares and no one wants to hear that story (because we’ve already heard it 100x).

  • Who are you to act superior to someone else? Stay humble; no one likes a prick who thinks he or she is better than everyone else.We are all made of flesh and blood

  • Judging someone for who he or she was a year ago is as unfortunate as premature ejaculation. Change is inevitable — it’s happening right now. People are constantly changing, that’s the hush truth, and no one will stay young and keep doing the same old.

  • To accept that you won’t agree with everyone else’s opinions is the equivalent of growing another layer of skin — you’re toughening up. this show that the world we living in is a critic, just know live your way.

  • If eating your slice of cake [plus your friend’s slice (plus your friend’s friend’s slice) makes you happy, then do it. life is too short to diet.

  • Question everything. It’s good to be curious, just don’t let it kill your cat or whatever that saying is…

  • Playing the “what if” game will result in nothing but will create a hostile thoughts….. waging war against what you desire. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

  • “Why does this happen to me?” and “Why do I feel like this?” but it is better not to dwell on these questions.  Acceptance is key; growth is vital. Just bare in mind that everything happens for a reason, its a fate.