Best 5 Holiday Resorts in Zimbabwe

Posted: 8th October 2014 by admin in Remittance methods

Its that time of the year again when we all need that family time, be it friends, relatives, business etc. I have found it so interesting that the local people don’t know much about how cool it is to spare some few days away from your comfort zone(home, the best place to be) to have a chill sport of a life time.

Lets start with Victoria Falls, an ideal place of all sorts of activities be it family holiday, business, events. it has a convi\val environment that every tourist or locals will ever reminisce and will always tell a story about. Victoria Falls has its own unique environment that lives throughout the year with the waters roaring from the Zambezi river into the gorges that creates a beauty of the water falls. For those looking for adventure and a lifetime experience, Vic Falls (as called by locals), is a place to be and it offers the best adrenalin activities including canopy tour, gorge swing, zip line, cable slide and more.

During summer time most people around the world who lives close to beaches have the pride of the seawater to cool off a hot summer day. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country have it doesn’t have the same pride, but the privilege of Lake Kariba has made it possible. It has become one of the best family holiday resort for locals with its beach like environment. It also offers different activities such as fishing, boat riding, speed boats and many more. Besides  the beauty of the water and the man made Kariba Dam, there is a range of wildlife experience in the area. If you haven’t seen an Elephant in your life, catch them drinking water while enjoying the sunrise.

Most people think Table mountain it the best, yes its true but it has a limited package of nature. Nyanga mountains in Zimbabwe have that adventurous nature that many are still to experience, from wildlife to some super cool hotels in the mountains. Thinking of climbing one of the biggest mountains in Zimbabwe? visit Mount Nyangani which is at 2,592 m (8,504 ft) and live to tell a story about your experience.

There  has been a great concern about the extinction of Rhinos in Africa. Hwange National Park offers a great variety of wildlife and just to spice up your vacation, you can enjoy local food at different restaurants and bar, do some grocery shopping and and also fishing. Are you fanatic of sunset, just like me? have a blissful moment while taking picture at the buffalos when they drinking water alongside the jungle predators.

One of the most sophisticated place many are still yet to know about is Chinhoyi Caves which hold mysteries to the modern world. It hold a history that lives in many Zimbabweans heart. The  first Chimurenga a successful battle for democracy was won  in 1967. There are also paintings from the stone age that creates a beauty of ancient art.

Other interesting resorts are Vumba Mountains , Matopo Hills and many more.