Send money home -Telecash Zimbabwe

Posted: 8th October 2014 by admin in Remittance methods

Bleep, bleep, bleep, who could it be????? checked my phone saw this long odd number with a message, Hi Kufakwangu Matumbapisai send you money from south africa via telecash, you can go to the nearest Telecash payout point with your ID or passport to collect your money and i said wooooow, grabed my stuff, I left my cattle unattended and went straight to mukurunyorova growth point down in Kariba and collect my money.

Receiving money home has never been so easy, since mukuru send money home partnered with Telecash which is Telecell mobile money on the 1st of September i have never travelled to the city to collect my money that is being sent by my brother who is South Africa.

Mukuru has done a great job to work with the local mobile network company to bring service to our doorstep. now we can collect our money any where here in Zimbabwe even at the growth points, no transport costs or delays since it is a same day service, only you need to have is the telecell line and you are good to receive.

I would like to thank Mukuru and Telecell for bringing such a wonderful service to us, it shows that we are valuable to them and we strongly believe that they work day and night to improve not their service but the local community and the country at large.