Most of the permits, issued under the Zimbabwe Documentation Project, expire towards the end of this year. The permits were valid for four years and, unlike normal permits, don’t qualify their holders for permanent residence status in South Africa. South Africa revealed recently that, while the permits would be renewed, holders would be required to make their applications back in their home country.

Most Zimbabwean migrants believe the latest shift of policy, partly in line with recent amendments to the SA migration laws, could be a ploy to reject their applications. This ploy will make it difficult for those who have work permits because employers would make it difficult for them to give them days off to go back home and renew there permits this will lead to most Zimbabwe losing there jobs and not being able to send money to Zimbabwe to there loved ones.

Some Zimbabwean fall pray to fake document scams, desperation of wanting documents to live and work in South Africa is causing most Zimbabwean to be victims of these scams losing thousands of Rands which they could have send money to Zimbabwe to there straggling relatives and friends. This is the time for every Zimbabwean who has a permit to start saving money or even finding an investment opportunity back home because times will be hard as the Deputy home affairs minister Fatima Chohan told a press conference in Pretoria last week that all DZP permit holders were expected to leave the country at the expiry of their documents, whether they were work, study or business permits.