Prosperity: The Youth

Posted: 29th April 2014 by admin in Remittance methods
“Zimbabwe: Our land, our prosperity”, or so the mantra goes… The question now would be to whom
does this apply? And is it even applicable in this day and age? These are questions you as the readers
will have to ask yourselves.
Today we are going to touch a bit on the youth for a bit. In every country, there is a dependency on a
certain generation to when it comes to a particular aspect, for example the music industry in
Zimbabwe is now represented by youths between the ages of 18 and 35. Thus, the burden lies on
them to raise the flag high when it comes the entertainment industry, as they will carry it for years
to come, for automatically they have the responsibility to prepare the next generation.
Now, using the above theory, does it also apply to the country’s prosperity on a larger scale? In the
field of economics, for example? How many businessmen do we have under the age of 35? We are
going to go deeper into that subject in the next blog. Stay tuned.