The Hardships of Life

Posted: 21st May 2013 by admin in Remittance methods

“THE murder of a Zimbabwean man in South Africa’s Muldersdrift area – allegedly by his boss – has sparked an outcry, with local activists calling on the police to act against the gardener’s employer.”

It is very sad when an innocent person dies because all they wanted was to work so they can feed their families back home. A lot of people are dying in these foreign countries due to a lot of reasons. For a person to decide to leave his or her own home country it means that they would have gone to look for something more worthwhile to do so that they will be able to send money to Zimbabwe to their loved ones. In everything thing that a person does they strive to do better for themselves and to have someone just cut your life short is such a  terrible thing, because in some cases that person who is killed will be the only bread winner in the family and now after they get killed were does that leave the heartbroken family back home. It is because of all the responsibilities that people have that they have to go through all these hardships so as to provide a better life for our families.