Investing in Property In Zimbabwe

Posted: 15th May 2013 by admin in Remittance methods

“Zimbabweans working outside the country are contributing to a property boom and investors are banking on them purchasing in high-end suburbs.The estate is targeting wealthy locals, but foreign-based Zimbabweans are also keen on land in the area, which will be sold at more than $50 a square metre, more than six times the going rate in other “low-density” suburbs.”

As a lot of Zimbabweans are out there trying to make a living so that they can invest back home, and a lot of these people are investing in property so that when it comes for the time for them to go back home they will have a back up plan. Other people are buying property for their families and for them to live in when they come back home. Some buy property so that they can have people who rent the places and in so doing they can use the money they get from rentals to take care of their families back home, and when sending money to Zimbabwe we always have all these ideas in our minds.