“SOUTH Africa and Botswana deported a combined 25,300 Zimbabweans between January 1 and April 30 this year, official figures released on Wednesday showed.During the same period last year, 17,023 deportees were recorded from both countries. South Africa accounted for 13,600 removals.Zimbabwe’s economy is improving after a decade-long slump, but millions of emigrants now living in neighbouring countries, mainly South Africa, remain reluctant to return home with lack of jobs still a major push factor.”

This is a very saddening thing, a lot of people leave their homes everyday going to these countries to try and make a living to assist their families who are back home. For people to decide to leave their country and the people they love it means that things are really not easy for them back because they do not have jobs and because the money is not enough. As people we have a lot of responsibilities and duties to perform, we have children and parents to take care of, and we also want to invest in our future and build houses  for our families, pay rent and school fees, and we can not leave out feeding the families all these things money and for one to get the money you have to earn a living. This is the reason a lot of people are leaving their homes and families back home so that they can try to better themselves by sending money to Zimbabwe.