Month End Madness

Posted: 30th January 2013 by admin in Remittance methods

Its that time of the month again when things start getting crazy with bills  and rent to pay. We also have to buy groceries and for those of us who have family back home we are looking at ways to send money to Zimbabwe for our loved ones. Most people have children who are going to school who still need to finish paying fess and buying of stationary and they will be looking forward to their parent sending the money. There are some people who send money to invest at home or as a savings so that when you decide to go home you will have a place to start. If you have a small business that you are doing then you know that your family is sorted during your absence. For those who are building houses you will need to send money for the building materials and money to pay the builders, that is why sometimes month end seems like it is the most stressing time of the month for people as money is never enough to cover all your expenses. At the end of the day you should also have enough money left to tide you over until the end of the new month.