Zimbabwean arrested for killing SA woman

Posted: 14th January 2013 by admin in Remittance methods

South African police have arrested a Zimbabwean man after he allegedly fatally stabbed a 21-year-old woman. The man also allegedly attacked and seriously injured the woman’s mother at Tshiombo village near Thohoyandou town on Christmas day.

It is very  sad when something like this happens, after leaving your friends and family back in Zimbabwe to come to another country  to work so as to help yourself and  to send money to Zimbabwe to your loved ones. It only takes a few minutes to destroy that sacrifice which you made when you decided to leave home for greener pastures. A lot of people will do something in a moment of anger that they will regret later after they would have calmed down. I think if you feel that you are at that point where you see danger ahead you should walk away so that you can cool down, and then you will be asking yourself if what you have done was worth it.

This man has ruined his life and if he has family he has let his family down as they where also probably getting some assistance from him. We should all be  careful and try to always remember why we are out here and the purpose that brought us to where we are.