Schools Open

Posted: 10th January 2013 by admin in Remittance methods

Most schools opened on Monday  and there some people who are still doing the final fees payments and buying of stationery and uniforms and other things. If you sending money to Zimbabwe with Mukuru it will cost you 56 pounds to send $80. To send $80 today with money gram will cost you 56,61 pounds and if you send $80 using western union you would have to pay 56,49. At least now people have an idea how much it will cost to send money today. Sending $200  can get you  a full kit uniform which will cost about R120 dollars and a satchel $15, shoes $20 and for socks it cost $2 a pair and stationery will be roughly about $30 and with change that you would have you can buy one or two things for the children to carry to school or you can add to the bus fare for those who commute to school.