The Beginning of A New Year

Posted: 4th January 2013 by admin in Remittance methods

As we  begin the new year we all have different resolutions for the  year, but before we can start working on those resolutions we still have one or two things to clear out first. We just came back from the holidays during the festive season and now we are getting ready for the schools to open. For those who did not manage to go home  we are looking at ways to send money  to Zimbabwe to pay for the fees. Some people have children who are at boarding schools who will want to send money to buy  groceries, pocket money and the bus fare  to go to school. They will also need money to buy books and other things, and despite having spent money during the holidays as responsible parents and guardians we are always prepared for things to come in January. After you have done everything you set out do then you can start new year and lets keep on sending money back home to our loved ones.