Buying A House In Zimbabwe

Posted: 19th December 2012 by admin in Remittance methods

Most people leave their countries so that they can work and better their lives.After working so hard, we  always think about how we can invest our money back home, or buy something that you can use when you go back to Zimbabwe.When you decide to send money to Zimbabwe to invest in something then then also consider buying a house. I think buying a house or a residential stand or  plot is a good way to go, depending on the area that you are buying if you have about $70000 you can buy a house in areas like Belverdere, Eastlea, Avondale and Park Town which are the low density suburbs and if you are buying in the high density suburbs then you will to have at least  between $20000 to  $50000. If you decide you want to buy a residential stand instead depending on the area will need at least about $25000 going up. As the year is coming to an end we all have new goals set in our sight for the coming year, we should all strive to invest in our country and keep on sending money home.