Christmas In Zimbabwe

Posted: 7th December 2012 by admin in Remittance methods

For most people in Zimbabwe, Christmas day starts with a Church service. After the Church service, everyone has a party in their homes and people go from house to house, visiting all of their family and friends on the way home! Sometimes, this can take all of the rest of the day! At every house you have something to eat, exchange presents and enjoy the party!. Zimbabweans are not big on Christmas trees, but love to decorate their homes with balloons, colourful ribbons and cards from loved ones.

Most people want to avoid having to cook on Christmas day so most of the cooking is done on the christmas eve and if you have a braai planned then the only thing that you will do is braai the meat. For those who are going home for the holidays they have this to look forward to. I know there are some who will not be able to go home for the holidays so to insure that they have a good christmas day  we can help our families by sending money to Zimbabwe so that they can buy all the necessary things that they need to make this day a joyous occasion.And also not forgetting the lighting of the christmas lights which also another exciting event for both the young and old people.