Trying To Manage With $500 in Zimbabwe

Posted: 5th December 2012 by admin in Remittance methods

We all know that since the US dollar was introduced to Zimbabwe things have became a little better, if you go to the shops now you can get a lot of things the only problem now is that people do not have enough money. Just imagine you are getting paid $500 a month, and you are trying to manage it to pay rent which at most will cost between 150 – 300 dollars, groceries at $150- $200 a month . After all this you still have to pay your water rates, electricity bills and other expenses that you have in the house and not forgetting transport money if you use public transport and fuel if you have your own car. With this money you also want to pay school fees for the kids. So you can actually see how difficult it is to squeeze everything into that one amount. Lucky for those who have relatives abroad who send the money to Zimbawe try and make ends meet. That is the reason why all the people living outside their countries are there to try and make the situation better for the people back home.