Whenever you send money to Zimbabwe, you are probably thinking at the back of your mind, “is this
money going to be of any meaningful value when it reaches home?” Will your loved ones be able
to buy groceries for the month and will they even find what they need to buy in the first place? The
answers to these questions have in the past depended on a million factors which you had no control

As the economy begins to mend though, it seems demand for products has risen and as a result,
suppliers has begun restock and re-establish themselves. The country’s second largest supermarket-
OK Zimbabwe, decided to recapitalise its operations at the start of the financial year in order to
refurbish stores. The chain has since recorded a 153 percent increase in full year earnings in the year
through March 2011.

What does this mean for the average Zimbabwean and what impact does that have on the remitting

As more and more supermarkets re-establish themselves, competition is bound to increase thus
forcing prices down and ensuring that people have more options when deciding where to buy and
what to buy. This ultimately means that the cost of living for families will decrease.