Transcending boarders in the sending of money

Posted: 29th February 2012 by admin in Remittance methods

Is it not just fascinating how the advent of technology has made life so easy.As an African living abroad i am sure this is something that most people living in foreign lands can also attest to! Globalisation a great phenomenon has brought about one culture all over the world there are no boundaries any more.If you have perhaps travelled or like travelling across boarders then you must have had the privilege to experience the interconnectedness of the entire world.Its funny now that we look back at how our way of life as humankind has evolved so much!From the letters that we would write and send to instant messaging and e-mails.This advanced technology has transcended all barriers as alluded above.I am able to send money to my mother in Africa within the space of a couple of minutes with no hassle at all.Giving a service provider with your card banking details will enable them to at the touch of a button to debit your account and wire the money back to the recipient country,this is how it works with remittance companies like which I absolutely love from my home country! Telecommunication with our loved ones has never been better, beyond boarders we are able to see and talk to our families through live face to face chats and from different parts of the world one can even group chat with loved one and also conduct and manage a business in a completely different location! Some however still would like to maintain that this has made people less emotive with one another due to the impersonal nature of communication like instant messaging.I guess it however depends on how one looks at it, has it brought more harm than good or is it the opposite?