Tourism in Zimbabwe

Posted: 20th February 2012 by admin in Remittance methods

Zimbabwe seems to have had its share of press and now we need to highlight GOOD PRESS on this front. There will be a hosting of the ATA congress in the USA and this will be an exciting time of highlighting tourism in the USA see an extract below :

Zimbabwe, host to the 37th edition of the  ATA Congress is coming to the United States of America; catch us as we tell you of; Our story of “Zimbabwe A World of Wonders” in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC.
Come and get answers to all your questions as we tell you like it is –
Participants include the best in luxury and business hotels, safari operators, game reserves, tour operators, airlines, tourism operators associations and the National Tourism Board (Zimbabwe Tourism Authority).
Book your holiday face to face or win yourself a packaged holiday to Zimbabwe and experience
•    The rich history and heritage of a proud nation embodied in rock paintings and archeological remains dating back to 30 000 years
•    The thrilling adventure capital, “Victoria Falls”, or
•    The awe inspiring pristine wildlife and nature,
•    Not forgetting our historical trail of a bygone era – the grand medieval palace – Great Zimbabwe or
•    Absorb yourself in misty mountain tops in the Mystique of the Eastern Highlands,
•    Or venture into dazzling sunsets with mythical gods cruising on the Mythical Lake Kariba and mighty Zambezi
•    For your crème-de la-crème, come and experience the finesse of Zimbabwean hospitality provided by our number one wonder “Our People and Culture.”