Zimbabwe and Education

Posted: 17th February 2012 by admin in Remittance methods

How is it that even though the Zimbabwean economy which is the most scandalized source of conversation in the money world , though it is constantly talked about in a not so positive light seems to be some how surviving and weathering the storm.

I visited the country last year and found that granted the value of the dollar and the rand where far above what you would get it for in its country of origin, People seemed to have it in plentiful supply. If the cars on the road were any indication of the state of the country then one had arrived in the land of milk and money. Noone could really pin point for me how they were making the money except that they had their hands in many pots.

Its seems that in this economy there has been a birthing of, PHD,DEGREED ,DOCTORATE walking general sales men because its not how well read and learned you are,  but really how you can tap into the supply and demand aspect of things.I found this very interesting and eye opening because everyone walks around with an eye for business.

Lesson learnt don’t make your job the sole source of your income but look at other ways to fill in the gap of the not so obvious or perhaps very obvious needs around you that can translate into money.