Lessons to Zimbabwe

Posted: 15th November 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

The country has made a lot of good choices, some bad and a lot more very bad choices. It has been in many ways a forerunner, taking bold unconventional steps that many other African countries would not have even considered taking. Actual opinion on some of the measures taken is actually not of much importance; the important and relevant thing right now is that the country is on edge.

It may technically be at peace, but it is suffering war-like trauma to its polity and economy. The international community will soon likely confront the challenge of assisting the country’s difficult transition from a bleak period of economic collapse and authoritarian rule. Fortunately, the world has learned lessons from post-conflict interventions in other countries, many of which it can apply to Zimbabwe once a new leadership is in place. No donor should provide assistance to the government at the present time since a recovery is impossible with the current leadership. But there is no time to waste in developing a multilateral framework to respond to the transition that is unavoidably coming to Harare.