The Looming Ban

Posted: 26th July 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

The last few years have seen Zimbabweans importing so many Japanese cars that the government decided to put a ban on the import of any Japanese cars more than five years old. The argument really is that the country has become a dumping field for unwanted Japanese cars.  The sudden growth in the number of imported cars resulted in the already poor roads becoming congested, and it really has not done anything for the motor industry.

So with this ban looming, just a few weeks before it is put in place; the red tape surrounding importing vehicles and taxes have become unbearably heavy, making it more difficult to import cars into the country.

A valid question in this regard is what industry are we trying to protect?

After a recession that lasted for close to a decade, the motor industry in Zimbabwe has literally come to a standstill. It surely will not do any good to this already ailing industry if we all conveniently import cars at absurdly cheap prices.

The cars are cheap and have good mileage but in order to protect the industry and ensure it begins to recover we need to start looking at the bigger picture. If we genuinely want to see the economy recover we need to start being supportive our local industries.

Once again we need to start weighing our options; instead of going through the hassle of importing second hand cars we should maybe just send the money to Zimbabwe to purchase a car, and in the process keep some poor guy in the motor industry employed.