Zimbabwe’s economic structure

Posted: 8th June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

“The structure of Zimbabwe’s economic system is truly a model of economic development”.

A very pleasant sentiment echoed by economic analysts even in the United States. Although their opinions about the country vary, many seem to agree on the fact that Mugabe’s government did put emphasis on the right things, like developing its mining industry which has subsequently become one of the most developed in Africa.

Although not yet fully developed, Zimbabwe can in many ways be considered a model for third-world economic development.  It clearly has the potential to be a fully fledged developed nation.

What distinguish the country from most other Lesser Developed Countries are its vast resources which are structured in a way to promote development.

With the necessary resources and a solid foundation the barriers left to full development are quite minimal. The country has great economic potential,  perfect ingredients!

Just leave  to simmer for a little while longer….

  1. Bradley says:

    Very refreshing to know that there are some people who have positive things to say about our country

  2. Bradon says:

    I love the critical approach you take to all your subjects.