Zimbabwe’s major export

Posted: 8th June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

Forget about gold, or recently diamonds, forget about tobacco or cotton. Don’t even scratch your head about the manufacturing sector. The answer is the human resource. And as a nation we stepped up this export over the last decade.
Although it is very difficult to get the absolute export figures, an unofficial would be range from anything between a million and two million, even five million according to some “farfetched, overreaching research”.

The big question of course is whether this is the kind of resource the country wants to be “exporting”. Despite the various benefits this has on the economy I should think maybe not.  Key to all measures that the government can take to transition successfully into a viable economy is that the requisite skills be available.

Zimbabwe must do whatsoever is possible to persuade Zimbabweans abroad to return, in spite of the many reasons why they are motivated to stay in their new countries of residence.  Until then, the economy will have to rely on the social safety net that remittances have brought to the economy…

  1. Tinevimbo says:

    I think its high time Zimbabwe starts importing human resources. We surely are capable of doing that!

  2. Tinevimbo says:

    I agree but I am not going back home unless my current salary (in pounds) is matched and the standard of living improves.

  3. Kim says:

    I know I love my country but eish!!!