Why use a remittance company?

Posted: 7th June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

Whether you are buying a house back home, sending money for a once off payment, or just sending the usual small amount for your family’s daily sustenance, remittance companies offer exchange rates that are better than most banks. They know the currency market and unlike banks they want to get you a good exchange rate and help you use your market to your advantage.

Money transfer companies can offer the best exchange rates because they buy and sell such vast amounts of currency. They can offer great exchange rates and still make a profit because they are dealing with such big volumes. Using a money transfer company can help you save thousands of pounds and avoid steep commissions next time you send money back home. They also take the hassle out of international money transfers, offering you a relatively stress-free and painless experience.

So it only makes sense if you are sending money to Zimbabwe that you look for a company that sends large volumes of money there, because they will be able offer you a more reasonable rate.

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