Specialised Services

Posted: 27th August 2010 by admin in Remittance methods

People are sending a lot of money monthly  to Zimbabwe and its been used to complete housing projects as well as keep the family unit going.

Remittance companies  are getting really clued up by also providing certain products to assist people , back home. There are coupons to buy spar vouchers. There are  facilities to help people pay for their bills at home , such as rates and electricity water etc.. One may wonder why this is a special feature as these are basic issues. The problem is that many times when people send money for specifics the money does not reach it destination. Hence the need to provide specialised services. These services also include airtime as well as fuel coupons.

All this helps the sender to have control in terms of how  that money is spent , Great idea if you asked me . We are going to see what other facilities are out there.