Zimbabwean Social Scene

Posted: 17th August 2010 by admin in Remittance methods

The revival of the fashion industry has really been a shot in the arm of the Zim Glam sector , bringing it back to the glory days of Miss Zimbabwe which was affectionately patroned by Mrs Kiki Divaris. The emergence of Zimbabwean Fashion week was welcome addition on the list of social events on ones calender. The interest it generated amongst the fashionistas who reside in the mother city as well as attracting some foreign designers to show case their talent along side the Zimbabwean rising industry of fashion.

A familiar face in the fashion industry and who has been proudly Zimbabwean was Sonny. His fashion contribution to the industry has seen the likes of former Miss Zimbabwe’s wearing his unique creations  on the center stage of such austere events like Miss World.

This is the first of many events to come out of Zimbabwe and we hope that it will give birth to fashion industry that is headed and run by Zimbabweans as well as exporting some of its fashion creations and contributing to the growth of the economic sector.

It has been noted that the fashion industry world wide is a billion dollar industry and this is the route that is being aimed for in the long run.