Zimbabwean Solidarity

Posted: 16th April 2010 by admin in Remittance methods
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An article in the Mail and Guardian today features Zimbabwean solidarity in diaspora. While the numbers are uncertain, the article reports that the Britain Zimbabwe Society (BZS) estimates the number of Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom range from the official figures of around 50,000 to up to half a million.  The Southern African Migration Project estimates on the number of Zimbabweans currently in South Africa range from one million to five million. Nevertheless, the overwhelming trend found in the article that two-thirds of respondents said they would like to return to Zimbabwe at some point: “A manifestation of this longing is the sheer number of internet forums, social network pages and news aggregation sites that the diaspora has spawned — though my own cursory research into this nostalgia explosion suggests that the activity is cooling, perhaps because the full extent of the human and economic tragedy in Zimbabwe has become clearer to middle-class expatriates, shutting doors in their minds on the idea of return.”

The feature showcases the “serial entrepreneurship” of Zimbabwean business owners, including remittance websites, helping send money home, but boasts the success and longevity of organizations helping aid and empower Zimbabweans living abroad. In particular, the Global Zimbabwe Forum seek to coordinate the visions and strategies of Zimbabwean civil society organisations in pursuit of a new democratic dispensation for Zimbabwe.

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