Send Money to Zimbabwe: Options

Posted: 8th April 2010 by admin in Remittance methods
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When sending money to Zimbabwe it is important to remember that you have options. There are several popular and trusted ways to get money back to Zim that should be considered when deciding how you want to send money home. As I’ve discussed before, banks are the slowest and most expensive channel of sending money back to Zimbabwe (or anywhere!) so I would recommend looking to smaller companies that are properly regulated to transfer your money for either cash collection or bank top-up. Smaller companies, whether they’re based online or offer a feature for you to call and place orders, have to deal with less red tape and therefore fewer expenses along the way: meaning you pay less for the same quality service of making safe, secure and instant money transfers to Zimbabwe.

While I would recommend sending money online using a service called Mukuru, it is fair to say that computers aren’t always available or accessible for some Zimbabweans living abroad. Having the option to send money by making a phone call to other Zimbabweans, can make a huge difference and ease the process of transferring money. When deciding on how you’re going to send money home, look for companies that offer call centres that can place orders for you.

Another innovative option is establishing an account with a company, such as Inter Africa, in order to streamline the sending home process by going to the shops once and then referencing your account over the phone for each subsequent order.

For the same reasons one might not want to send money online to Zimbabwe, I would recommend looking for companies that send SMS vouchers for cash collection in Zimbabwe. This way your family and friends don’t have to have access to a computer in order to have access to the money that you send. Sending money to Zimbabwe should be easy and accessible. Try sending money with Mukuru.

  1. Lee-Ann says:

    I agree, it is great to weigh options when considering sending money home to Zimbabwe. I have had lots of success with and found them to be pretty fairly priced, especially compared to some of the bigger companies. I would be interested to read more about rates for sending money to Zimbabwe, compared to other online money transfer companies sending to Zim.

  2. admin says:

    thanks lee-ann; i agree, has been so instrumental in sending money home. :)