After my post yesterday I just found this extremely relevant resource about sending money to Zimbabwe from South Africa on the World Bank website.  The chart explains the fees, the exchange rates offered, and the speed of transaction. What I find most interesting is the postscripts below the chart which not only features as a UK money transfer organization sending fuel and groceries to Zimbabwe, but also raises the issue that only banks can send money from South Africa to Zimbabwe. There are in fact a few licensed companies that are permitted to transfer money to Zimbabwe from within South Africa. InterAfrica is sanctioned by the South African Reserve Bank to send money to Zimbabwe. They offer a service where you can go to the nearest InterAfrica branch to become a customer and send your first transfer to Zim. From then on, you won’t need to visit the office itself, you will be able to place your order instantly over the phone and pay your order at your nearest First National Bank (FNB). Seems like making the trip the first time will save a lot of Zimbabweans living in South Africa loads of time.

Have you seen advertisements for InterAfrica? Are there branches near your home? I haven’t seen any around Cape Town, but I know there are some in Pretoria and Durban. Keep your eyes pealed!

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