New Ways To Connect With Customers

“If I go back just a year and a half, our social strategy was very basic and care-oriented.  So we started focusing on what we call in-between engagement (engaging with our customers in between the times they are sending money), because on average a cross-border money mover might send money maybe six to 10 times a year.  The results of this strategy have been absolutely stunning and incredible.  In the financial institution category, you’re lucky if you’re seeing a 1% engagement rate; we’re seeing upwards of 8% engagement.  Our follower base is actually about 4 million, and that’s a 1,000% increase just in a year. We’re ranked as the fastest-growing company in financial services across 3,000 global brands.  And we were never expecting that.

Specifically, our biggest success is a very well-managed content and community strategy, where we’re really in tune with what matters to our customers and we don’t overuse it from a product push.  An example is a video we created featuring customers using food as a way for them to reconnect with their families. It was a surprise and delight moment with our customers. What many people don’t know is that our customers are “dual belongers” – they originate from one country but live in another. Food from their home country is an amazing connection for them when they are far away from family at the holidays. Within a six-week period we had over 5 million views of the video, and it’s now at 12 million views. (You can see it at: ) I think our target was 500,000 because we had never done anything like this, but we clearly struck the right emotional connection with our customers. So what we’ve found is by authentically connecting with what’s important to our customers we end up driving awareness and engagement.”