Collecting USD in Zimbabwe

Posted: 9th April 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Mukuru Text-a-CA$H

So many have been wondering how they can receive funds a friend or spouse when they run low on spending while visiting Harare from Europe. Or suppose you had decided to extend your stay and been wondering how you can get easy access to utilise your funds avoiding the unbearable cost of VISA, MAESTRO and MASTERCARD. has made it much easier for receiving money form the UK to Zimbabwe instantly. Your sended need to Sign Up first by following the easy create account steps on

When someone send you money from the UK using our service you will receive an sms with a voucher number.This voucher number indicates you are to collect your funds as cash. Alternatively  you can request your sender to send funds via TextaCA$h, which you need to collect at CABS. The great deal with the TextaCA$H is you will be able to receive money at any time and collect it at anytime, at any ZimSwitch ATM Nationwide.