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Posted: 3rd April 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Required Documents to get fully registered

Due to HMRC UK Laws and Regulations, is obligated to obtain a certified copy of our customer’s passport (photo page) as well as proof of address once their accumulated expenditure has reached a certain level. Unfortunately faxed copies of such documents are unacceptable by UK law – so the following options are available:

Scan: Your passport page and proof of address (utility bill, phone bill) and email the images to

or if you have a Yahoo account:

The passport copy MUST be Certified – this can be done at your local post office, or by a doctor or lawyer.


If you would like to use a debit or credit card then please send a picture of your actual card with the name at the bottom showing – we require you to block out / tape over the 16 digit card number or expiry information.

Photo:Take a digital picture of the documents and email them to or if you have a Yahoo account:

Post: Post a clear copy of your documents to Remitix Ltd, Authorisation Dept, The Stable Yard, Unit 1, 16a Balham Hill, London SW12 9EB

Please quote your full name and if possible your customer ID on your chosen correspondence. We must be able to see your picture clearly, as well as all of the digits on the foot of your passport page, if our authorisation department cannot see these images clearly then they will request that you resend your documentation.