Let me foreshadow and say the next generation will view more explicit stuff on tell-a-vision(TV). I struggle to to glance at it for more than a second because each and every time i try i see a semi naked lady. Okay lets say music videos, isn’t there a better way of showing ladies rather than the nudity they show.

The reason why i named it tell-a-vision is because it shows illusions that the society will not learn from but rather destroy the morals of an innocent young child who grows ups following the memes they see. So where are we going?…. Our African daughters have adopted the culture they watch on TV. Adapting to a changing world should not change one’s culture or morals but what i have noticed is they feel left behind. What will happen to  child who always watch semi naked ladies lap dancing when she grows up. It is something that is normal to her when she’s an adult.

A woman holds the future of this planet, without her, man alone can not conceive, same as without a man, she can not do the same. Lets keep our culture.What went wrong?…. What’s is happening?…. What’s going to happen?……
Its shrewd enough to guess the motive behind these “things” they show on TV.