Send Money to Loved Ones

Posted: 25th March 2010 by admin in Online Money Transfer
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Have you seen those advertisements around Cape Town, South Africa about “not needing a bank to send money back home to your loved ones,” promoting the money transfer services through ShopRite. Now I have been in the queues in ShopRite with people waiting to send money or collect money from their loved ones abroad. Sure you can send money home without a bank, but what a time commitment! A few lessons to learn:

  1. Sure you can send money home to Zimbabwe without the use of a bank.
  2. OR you could save time and get a better rate by going online (or calling an online money transfer company that sends money to Zim). Once you send money home online once and Register yourself, you make it that much easier to transfer money with just a few clicks or a simple phone call! Some online companies are even geared for support and service through Skype.
  3. You can check the exchange rates online throughout the day to get the best deals. When you’ve been waiting in a long line at the shops you’re just desperate to get the process over with, sacrificing time and money! Be smart about sending money to Zimbabwe– make sure the majority of your money gets to Zim, not spent on the money transfer process!
  4. Sending money online is also rewarding experience for your friends and family. Look for affiliate programs to save even more when you tell a friend about how much money and time you saved by sending money to Zimbabwe online! The online money transfer companies that I know of that have loyalty programs are Moneybookers, and Mukuru.  The latter offers a new pyramid scheme allowing for growing tiers of savings. From the looks of it, you could be earning savings on sending money to Zimbabwe from friends of friends of friends. Not surprising that sending money online has the potential to connect Zimbabweans around the world. I hope this takes off!

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