Facebook and High school Student

Posted: 24th March 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

When Mark Zuckerberg introduced facebook in 2004, he had intentions of connecting people together with his social network platform, but now it has negative impact on some of our teens who are misusing the platform.

Social network language has an effect in communication across the globe especially the use of slang  like IDK(i dont know), SMH (shaking my head) and BTW (by the way) are now being used in assignments  and its becoming a growing problem.

Facebook is keeping teens busy to an extent of not doing their assignments or study, and they end underperforming in school college. It also cause tensions and separation in school because those  teens who can’t afford smartphone will be depressed and feel isolated from virtual.

The use of facebook by minors or teens personal information will be vulnerable to phishing. Scummers will post false links that will lead users to put in their personal logins, since lucrative number  people use a universal password for their most accounts including bank accounts.

Personally i think facebook should be burned from being used by teens and minors because they will be exposed to explicit pages (adult pages) because some individual are creating these pages to get attention teens and they will end up in jeopardy of being keednapped or rapped.