Ecocash – Mobile money For Econet

Posted: 24th November 2014 by admin in Remittance methods

Strive masiwa“Econet, the power network”. Econet has partnered with Mukuru in sending money home and it has make life so easy for people that resides in the remote areas or far from big shops now they can collect money from the growth point or in the streets.

With Ecocash you don’t have to worry about transport cost and bank charges, you just simply go to nearest ecocash argent and collect. What you need do as a recipient, register,and give the sender the correct number then you are sorted in 24 hours

Pay bills, buy food, pay for transport to work, buy airtime and transfer money to another ecocash using ecocash ewallet simple, even if you are in deepest part of the rural area you can transact. Thanks to mukuru for partnering with Ecocash, bring convenience into our hands