Investing in Zimbabwe

Posted: 5th November 2014 by admin in Remittance methods

Breaking NEWS: EU lifts sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe…… What then?

Most people are so excited about the news coming from the Western community on sanctions they had imposed on Zimbabwe a decade ago and some dating back to almost 20 years.

To me it comes as good news not great if  i can say, but do people know how this will benefit or better their lives as Zimbabweans or its for the better of the government? While people are  saying sanctions are affecting the country, i have seen a vast number of people out of the minority benefiting from them. Some managed to get companies, farms etc some were downgraded by the country turmoil, poverty went to minus of minus. If the sanction were causing the suffocation of many, who is to blame…. the EU or the government of Zimbabwe or a dunce who just sit and taunt about the government doing this and that wrong.

What about those who lost their jobs and so many other things that happened during the era of the EU sanctions?

Political scandals will never end, most recently we viewed news headlines on-line talking about cyclone Grace Mugabe. These are just political scandals, they will never end and above all she may hail to the throne if its God’s will. My worry is about individuals who still want to play the blame game.

Let we as Zimbabweans help build our country with the opportunity brought forth. Lets get involved and denounce the doubting Thomas tendencies. A revolution is not achieved overnight.  We have graduates who are mourning about lack of opportunities after leaving varsity. Here is a great opportunity for everyone. Our President Mr R G Mugabe has worked so hard though strenuous times of the sanction, we should applaud him for such a great carouge towards the future of our country and knowing that one day sanctions will be removed

Take this time to gather a momentum of ideas that will see yourself through investors visiting the country and don’t be left out.