Xenophobia a Capitalist Ideology

Posted: 7th November 2014 by admin in Remittance methods

With the fresh wounds of attacks still dwelling on one’s mind, one will wonder what might had happened. In the deepest thought of the situation, a myth might have spearhead the controversial attacks that happened in 2008.Firstly i would like to blame the government of South Africa for letting such gruesome killings took place.

In referral to some similar activities that were to occur in Zimbabwe in 2012 about Nigerians to be thrown out of the country because of flooding small businesses and obviously “Drug Trafficking” ( which is true cause everywhere you go they sell drugs and are corrupt), the Zimbabwean leaders stood against the idea.

I would like to believe that Xenophobia was engineered by the capitalist to mobilise their interest on investments. This might sound abrupt but let me  point out a few moot on the subject of capitalist idea:
A vast number of the immigrants were staying in “Ekhasi” (ghetto, locations) as referred to by locals,  where they can afford to pay rent and other basic life needs while they save for their families back home. Most people were deserting the suburb areas  which were and are keeping on escalating the rentals  annually. Hence the need for people to come back to the suburb areas was becoming a need to property owners. This alleviated the property business in some aspect.

The situation forced a lot to seek refuge at protectives places and some opted to go back to countries of origin and most interestingly “accommodation” became available in suburb areas which became  prior option for many since the areas are safeguarded by police patrolling day and night.The bitter fact that the government took long to act accordingly on its own people, points out that it was protecting an idea that was to bring forth benefits in the long run “returns on investment ” to the so called property owners.