Cannabis Might Cure Ebola

Posted: 15th October 2014 by admin in Remittance methods

For so many years the controversial natural  plant has been abolished by many. It has been said to be a gateway to do drugs and some say the narcotic causes brain damage,(just to scare you i think). Interestingly  this natural plants fascinates scientist on why the majority of the world population use it and this  lead to researches at many institutes around the world, with Israel being the mother country in leading researchers and the government has amended it for medicinal purposes at public hospitals.

Based on my opinion and not criticizing hypocrites of Cannabis, it is very beneficial to those who find it useful for medicinal purposes under prescription from a health practitioner. It may be of good cause for scientist  to try it on Ebola. Here is a list of benefits of the plant

Interestingly for those who want to lose weight, consider visiting a licensed practitioner, Cannabis keeps you skinny and helps your metabolism.

The list  of benefits will be endless as more scientists are doing researches on medicinal uses of Cannabis.