How to send money back to Zimbabwe: Online!

The traditional way to send money back to Zim would have been to use the corner store agent, like Western Union and Moneygram, but since the rise of the internet online providers like have made it cheaper.

Why are online remitters cheaper?

  1. Well, the online firm doesn’t have to pay a portion of the transaction to that corner-store agent, doesn’t have to kit out that agent with systems or training, and doesn’t have to do the same on the cash collection side – where your relative uses the funds.
  2. You also are able to repeat old orders easily online – it’s totally geared for it. Whereas a corner store, each time you walk in, you’re doing it from scratch.
  3. Often online companies offer loyalty programs, connecting families and friends by offering monetary incentives and deals!
  4. Are we forgetting that you don’t even have to leave your couch?