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Facebook and High school Student

Posted: 24th March 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

When Mark Zuckerberg introduced facebook in 2004, he had intentions of connecting people together with his social network platform, but now it has negative impact on some of our teens who are misusing the platform. Social network language has an effect in communication across the globe especially the use of slang  like IDK(i dont know), […]

Evolution vs creation

Posted: 16th March 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

let me begin by saying i am all futuristic in my approach to life and i aim to see things differently in almost anything and everything in life. but after all has been said and done there is but one area that I draw the line on, and that would be on that is the […]

Being Zimbabwean:

Posted: 11th March 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

The first thing that comes in mind when you hear about the Republic of Zimbabwe is our beloved father of the Nation. Beside the efforts by the media to label him as the centre of the economic meltdown, poverty etc, we ignore all that because the blame game because history is a story of events, […]

Mukuru Mobile Coming Soon…..

Posted: 9th March 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Sending some ching~$$$~ching to your loved ones in  Zimbabwe  has never been that easy especially when you  are a Mukuru client. Its a matter of moments before you put a smile on your loved one face, be it to buy some meat to braai on weekend, paying school fees etc. With the high calling tariffs […]

Let me foreshadow and say the next generation will view more explicit stuff on tell-a-vision(TV). I struggle to to glance at it for more than a second because each and every time i try i see a semi naked lady. Okay lets say music videos, isn’t there a better way of showing ladies rather than […]

Digital Marketing In Zimbabwe

Posted: 2nd March 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

As Technology is booming in Africa and many have access to smart phone, the question is- How are business people taking advantage of the advancement when making their products or services??? May be we should look at some aspects they need to know about digital marketing to help them grow their business: In simplistic terms, […]