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\We have a biased and politicised media, as well as a constrained civic society so much arrested by the goals and objectives of external funders. The near absence of the politics of issues has resulted in the prevalence of privatised violence, often carried out by individuals with blind loyalty to personalities in leadership, not to […]

For some reason most people take this lightly or rather they just ignore it, if may be they just don’t know how to set up their smart phones to its full functionality. I have just noticed that many people tend to buy smart phones just because it is one of the latest gadget. Lets be […]

Send money home – Textacash

Posted: 26th January 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Zvirikuya pazimbabwe mdara iwe usanyeperwe kana pakati pehusiku ndakungono cheka mari yangu ndoisa muhomwe. Since the introduction of textacash cards by mukuru partnered with card, receiving money was made so easy.   I love using a textacash card because i don’t have to carry cash around especially on my way to my rural areas i […]

The Value of a Women

Posted: 23rd January 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Respect the Worth of a Women. TV shows and movies that once were wholesome and respectable are now leveraging attention by adding borderline soft-core sex scenes, lustful interactions, and revealing clothing. But as we know, men continue to define women as objects. We see it in a musician’s lyrics or in a magazine editor’s content. […]

“when you give farmers ownership of modest plots and allow them to profit from the fruits of their labor, farm yields are much higher per hectare. And rising yields help countries generate the surpluses and savings they need to power up their manufacturing engine”. “To date, I haven’t focused as much on the land ownership […]

Harare ”Sunshine Safe City”

Posted: 19th January 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

  For the past decade Zimbabwe has been on a downsliding economical meltdown that was brought forth by the embargos and sanctions imposed by the Western community once Allies of Zimbabwe. This has compromised our security status as a nation. In some instance one can ponder how prone the situation could have forced men to […]

Back to School with

Posted: 17th January 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

  After every blissful moment it turns out there is somewhat depressing moments as well. Moments when you need to take care of big issues that matters most, take extra care on the future fathers and mothers of our nation. Education is a basic need for every citizen, especially our children. Without education  you have […]

Grace Mugabe: Our Zim First Lady

Posted: 15th January 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

We have been reading about Grace Mugabe PHD she was awarded at the University of Zimbabwe sometime in September. And much in the articles was she had cheated or shortcutted to attain the PHD. To somewhat extend i believe it is of good cause for our first to be awarded with such be it she […]