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Safety in remmittance

Posted: 23rd May 2012 by admin in Remittance methods

There are a lot of risks associated with the transfer of funds from one country to another.Especially in the time of credit card fraud and money laundering. Money laundering: Refers to any act that disguises the nature or changes the proceeds of a crime.It includes every act or transaction involving funds or property derived from criminal activity.If […]

A currency’s exchange rate is its price in terms of another currency. Most major currencies – the pound, dollar, euro and yen for instance – are ‘freely floating’. This means their exchange rate is determined by market forces, by the levels of supply and demand on the international markets.One would then ask what are these […]

Entertainment and politics

Posted: 9th May 2012 by admin in Remittance methods

Its a wonder how entertainment and politics would come into play but after I took time when they recently launch the new season of ‘Big Brother Africa’ I realised that indeed there is a link in-between them.One would ask how that is so ….well if we take Big Brother Africa in the context of one being African this is a platform where people from […]